Things you Should Know

The fare is $1 per 1-way trip.

R/T accepts:
  • Intercity Transit passes
  • Twin Transit passes
  • Orca passes
  • STAR (State Agency Rider) passes
Veterans, active duty military personnel, and children under the age of 5 ride free.

Bad Weather & Winter Trips
Call 800-650-7846 to check for delays due to snow and other inclement weather. Vehicles may be delayed or rerouted to keep everyone safe. Check with all transit agencies you’ll use for your trip, as each provider makes inclement weather decisions.

When traveling on our system during the winter months, please dress warmly and be prepared for delays. Wear bright reflective clothing to keep yourself safe.

Accessible Services
All vehicles are accessible for persons using wheelchairs and other mobility devices. We also provide complimentary Paratransit service within ¾ mile of our regular routes.

Bike & Ride
Bike racks are available on all vehicles. Bikes are not allowed inside the vehicle.