Firm Size

  1. Firms by Number of Employees
  2. Employment by Firm Size
SourceWashington State Employment Security Department
Data TableFirm Size
ExplanationIn 2015, 81% of firms in Thurston County employed less than 10 people.

Those same businesses, however, employed only about 15% of all covered employees in Thurston County. Most employees (51%) worked for firms with 100 people or more.

Covered Employment

“Covered employment” measures all employed persons covered under the Unemployment Insurance Act. The measure accounts for approximately 75% of the total employment in Thurston County, and includes both part-time and temporary positions. Job categories not measured in the count include self-employed workers, proprietors, CEOs, military, and other non-insured workers. If a worker holds more than one job, each position is reported separately.

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