State of Our Transportation System  
Thurston County

Transportation – moving something from one place to another – is one of our most basic human needs. Transportation helps us access goods and services, links us to other people and places, and supports our commerce. 

What is the State of Our Transportation System?

Across the nation, communities struggle to maintain and retrofit their transportation infrastructure. Those costs are high. The cost of doing nothing can be even higher – collapsing bridges, flooded roads – all affecting our ability to safely move around our community.

To be proactive in addressing transportation system issues, Thurston Region policy makers asked a basic question — "What is the State of Our Transportation System?"

View data, maps, and resources to better understand the current conditions of three major topics: Pavement Preservation, Bridges, Fish Passage Barriers. Over time, we hope to add to this list of topics, and provide a Report Card that shows progress in improving the State of Our System.

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