Regional Climate Mitigation Plan

Thurston County, Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater are working with TRPC on the first phase of a regional climate mitigation plan with actions to reduce the Thurston County region’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

Phase 1 of the mitigation plan, which began in spring 2018, includes the following components:
  • Assess each jurisdiction’s existing climate policy with an emissions-reduction goal.
  • Identify mitigation actions each jurisdiction has adopted and/or implemented.
  • Recommend a common, regional emissions baseline and targets for the 21st century.
  • Develop an interlocal agreement and scope of work for Phase 2, which will include a robust public-engagement strategy and an assessment of new or enhanced actions sufficient to hit the future emissions targets.
The mitigation plan is a companion to the Thurston Climate Adaptation Plan that TRPC adopted in January 2018. The adaptation plan includes 91 actions to help the region prepare for and adjust to climate impacts.

  1. Jun 27
  2. Climate Mitigation Plan - Thurston County Board of Commissioners

    Briefing on Climate Mitigation Plan targets and Phase 2 scoping process.
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  1. Jul 12
  2. Climate Mitigation Plan - Lacey City Council

    Consideration of emissions resolution and Phase 2 scope of work.
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