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You are at the Sustainable Thurston Homepage

Welcome to Sustainable Thurston Homepage!

"What is Sustainable Thurston?" Video

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7-minute video about the Sustainable Thurston Plan.

What is Sustainability?

"What is the Definition of Sustainability?" Click the image above and check out the Foundational Principles & Policies.

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Welcome to Sustainable Thurston!

"How do you want your community to look, function and feel in 2035?" 

Sustainable Thurston has been the beginning of what must be an ongoing community conversation and actions to achieve the bold vision for a vibrant, healthy and resilient future.

A sustainable community will enhance quality of life, foster economic vitality, and protect the environment while balancing our needs today with those of future residents.

Click the Thurston County map above to take a snapshot tour of what a sustainable Thurston Region might look like in the year 2035.

Or, if you care to skip the tour, you can go directly to the Sustainable Thurston Plan Page and read the details.

Featured News

Jurisdiction Approval. The Thurston Regional Planning Council approved the Sustainable Thurston plan – Creating Places– Preserving Spaces: A Sustainable Development Plan for the Thurston Region – in December 2013. In doing so, TRPC urged Thurston County and the cities and towns within to approve resolutions affirming that they would use the plan to help guide future sustainable development activities.



The Olympian article ... Thurston County Can Help the Climate Now (Jan. 23, 2014). While Gov. Jay Inslee continues his search for a few good Republicans in the Legislature to respond to his call for statewide action, government and citizen groups in Thurston County are moving along with actions of their own.


The Olympian article ... A Sustainable Future is the Right Choice to make (Dec. 29, 2013). Online and in person, thousands of citizens took a stab at answering the question, sharing their hopes and concerns about the economy, the environment, land use, housing, transportation and all the other facets of a community.


Sustainable Thurston Plan

Click the cover to download the Sustainability Plan [PDF 13 MB]

Sustainable Thurston Vision 

"In one generation - through innovation and leadership - the Thurston Region will become a model for sustainability and livability. We will consume less energy, water, and land, produce less waste, and achieve carbon neutrality. We will lead in doing more while consuming less. Through efficiency, coupled with strategic investments, we will support a robust economy. Our actions will enhance an excellent education system, and foster a healthy, inclusive, and equitable social environment that remains affordable and livable. We will view every decision at the local and regional level through the sustainability lens. We will think in generations, not years. The region will work together toward common goals, putting people in the center of our thinking, and inspire individual responsibility and leadership in our residents."

Overview & What's Happening

Click the image above to download a 4-page introduction [PDF].

Welcome to Sustainable Thurston. Send Questions and Comments to - (360) 956-7575    

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