2022-2025 Federal Transportation Alternatives (TA) Grant Proposals

Public Review and Comment

The proposals are available for public review and comment beginning April 6, 2020. Comments are due to TRPC no later than 5:00 p.m. PST, Wednesday, April 22, 2020. Please send all comments in an email to parkhuk@trpc.org or send a letter to:

Karen Parkhurst, Programs & Policy Director
Thurston Regional Planning Council
2424 Heritage Court SW, Suite A
Olympia, WA 98502

Be sure to include the title of the proposal with your comment, as well as your name and address.

All comments received will be provided to TRPC policy makers for their consideration when evaluating proposals.

Summary of Proposals

TRPC will award approximately $1,359,000 TA grant funds to projects that will start between 2021 and 2025.Two proposals were submitted for consideration. The applicants’ combined requests total $408,000. Click on the titles to view project descriptions and obtain a link to the proposal’s complete grant application. Learn more about TA project eligibility.

Intercity TransitWalk N Roll Youth Education Program$258,000
OlympiaFones Road Street Lighting$350,000

TOTAL Requested

TA Proposal Descriptions

Walk N Roll Youth Education Program

Agency: Intercity Transit Grant Request: $258,000
Match: $40,266Total Cost: $298,266
Phase: ProgramProject Date: 2021-2023
Location: Schools and communities within Intercity Transit’s Public Transportation Benefit Area

Project Overview

Walk N Roll  is the cornerstone of Intercity Transit’s Youth Education program that reduces drive‐alone trips to school and builds the next generation of safe and healthy pedestrians, bike riders, and transit users. 

This established, school‐focused public education and outreach program helps students and families to access their schools and community through active-transportation choices, and positively influences air quality in our region, neighborhoods, and around public schools by reducing congestion and idling on the trip to school and home. 

The Walk N Roll program consistently emphasizes the benefits of biking, walking, and riding transit for students and school staff. This leads to many community co-benefits, which includes incorporating regular exercise into our daily lives, creating stronger and safer communities, and teaching about healthy transportation choices. 

Link to the full project application

Fones Road Street Lighting

Agency: OlympiaGrant Request: $350,000 
Match: $54,624 Total Cost: $704,770 
Phase: Construction Project Date: 2023 
Location: Fones Road from Pacific Ave to 18th Ave

Project Overview

Fones Road is a Major Collector, 0.6 mile long, which carries approximately 19,000 vehicles per day. Traffic is concentrated on Fones Road because there are no nearby parallel routes, and it is an important regional connection.

The City of Olympia plans to re-build Fones Road as a multi-modal corridor. Design is underway and construction funds are needed. This application is to seek funding to upgrade the street lighting along the length of the corridor, which will be installed as part of the larger project. The new lighting will illuminate the new sidewalks, new bike lanes, and vehicle travel lanes, improving safety for all users.

Link to the full project application