2022-2025 Federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Mitigation (CMAQ) Grant Proposals

Public Review and Comment

The public comment period for these proposals closed on April 22, 2020.

All comments received are provided to TRPC policy makers for their consideration when evaluating proposals.

Summary of Proposals

TRPC will award approximately $1,200,000 CMAQ grant funds to projects that will start between 2021 and 2025. Five proposals were submitted for consideration. The applicants’ combined requests total $2,686,148. Click on the titles to view project descriptions and obtain a link to the proposal’s complete grant application. Learn more about CMAQ project eligibility.

Intercity TransitPropane-Powered Dial-A-Lift Vehicles $1,214,460
Intercity TransitBus Stop Enhancements$213,763
LaceyCitywide Signal ITS Detection Upgrades$298,425
OlympiaFones Road Compact Roundabout$700,000
TumwaterTraffic Signal Controller & Detection Upgrade$259,500

TOTAL Requested

CMAQ Proposal Descriptions

Propane-Powered Dial-A-Lift Vehicles

Agency: Intercity Transit Grant Request: $1,214,460
Match: $189,540Total Cost: $1,404,000
Phase: ProgramProject Date: 2021
Location: N/A

Project Overview

Dial-a-Lift (DAL) provides door-to-door transportation for customers whose disabilities prevent them from using fixed-route service. DAL is a federally mandated (unfunded) requirement to provide ADA-comparable paratransit service within three-fourths of a mile of fixed-route service. The severe and subsequent termination of federal funding has had a significant negative impact on our ability replace vehicles. 

This project will replace nine diesel-powered vehicles that are beyond their useful life, with nine propane-powered vehicles. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the use of propane results in a reduction of approximately 13% of carbon dioxide emissions compared to biodiesel at 30-60% of carbon monoxide. Additionally, IT experienced an estimated savings of $0.06 per mile (approximately $18,600) in fuel costs related to the current propane fleet (12 vehicles). Funding these replacement vehicles will ensure we can continue services and do so while improving air quality in the PM10 area.

Link to the full project application

Bus Stop Enhancements

Agency: Intercity TransitGrant Request: $213,763
Match: $33,362Total Cost: $247,125
Phase: Preliminary Engineering/Design Project Date: 2021 
Location: Various locations in Olympia and Lacey

Project Overview

Intercity Transit is seeking CMAQ grant funding necessary to improve access and security for up to 36 existing bus stops in the Thurston PM10 Air Quality Maintenance Area. Investing in the safety, security and accessibility of neighborhood access to transit service supports Intercity Transit’s opportunity to market and promote use of public transportation and complements walking and biking as the most environmentally conscience mode of transportation. Often the decision to use public transportation is determined by access, convenience and the perceived security at the bus stop; this is especially true for persons with disabilities or conditions that may limit physical capacity. Since 2005 Intercity Transit has leveraged grant awards with local funding to enhance bus stop accessibility and develop improvements in the communities we serve. This program is scalable and can be obligated upon notification of award.

Link to the full project application

Citywide Signal ITS Detection Upgrades

Agency: Lacey Grant Request: $298,425
Match: $46,575Total Cost: $345,000
Phase: Construction
Project Date: 2022
Location: N/A

Project Overview

This project will upgrade the detection of approximately 10 signalized intersections to the next generation thermal-video detection. The existing first-generation video detection performance is affected by inclement weather such as fog, rain, and snow; and day-to-night transitions. These performance issues will cause the intersection to operate as a fixed time intersection reducing the overall efficiency. Thermal-video detection uses the heat signature of the engine or person increasing the performance of the detection system. The thermal-video detection works well for bicycles too.

Link to the full project application

Fones Road Compact Roundabout

Agency: OlympiaGrant Request: $700,000
Match: $109,249Total Cost: $809,249
Phase: ConstructionProject Date: 2023
Location: Intersection of Fones Rd & South Home Depot Driveway

Project Overview

Fones Road is a Major Collector, 0.6 mile long, which carries approximately 19,000 vehicles per day. Traffic is concentrated on Fones Road because there are no nearby parallel routes, and it is an important regional connection. The City of Olympia plans to re-build it as a multi-modal corridor. Design is underway and construction funds are needed. 

As part of the broader improvements for Fones Road, a compact roundabout is planned at the south entrance to Home Depot, roughly the middle of the corridor. This compact roundabout was selected instead of a traffic signal as a way to reduce vehicle emissions and queuing, slow traffic, and provide safer access for bicycles and pedestrians. This application is to seek funding to help complete the compact roundabout, which will be constructed as part of the larger corridor project.

Link to the full project application

Traffic Signal Controller & Detection Upgrade

Agency: TumwaterGrant Request: $259,500
Match: $40,500Total Cost: $300,000
Phase: Preliminary Engineering/Design & ConstructionProject Date: 2022-2024
Location: Intersections within the Air Quality Maintenance Area

Project Overview

Currently, the City of Tumwater has older equipment in use at some of it’s signalized intersections.  While the existing controllers may keep the signals running, they do not allow for implementation of newer traffic management principles.  In locations with detection equipment that has exceeded its life, we have to revert to timed signals that are unable to respond to actual traffic.  These issues combine to increase idling time and decrease the attractiveness of walking or cycling.

This project will replace the controllers and necessary associated hardware at eight intersections and will upgrade the detection equipment to current standard cameras at 5 intersections throughout Tumwater. The project will expand the City’s ability to implement signal coordination along more corridors, will allow for implementation of Transit Signal Priority, and will make these signals more responsive to conditions as they unfold.

By replacing old and failing controllers and detection equipment with current controller and camera detection technology, we will be able to implement transit signal prioritization, coordination along corridors, and adaptive timing plans to reduce idling at intersections, optimize the flow of traffic and provide for all modes of travel.

Link to the full project application