Final Plan

The Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan, completed in 2020, presents a regional framework for how Thurston County, Lacey, Olympia, and Tumwater can work together to make measurable progress to reduce local contributes to climate change while building a stronger, healthier, and more resilient region. It describes:

  • A shared vision for the alignment of climate action with community goals
  • Data on greenhouse gas contributions from local sources
  • Strategies and actions to reduce emissions
  • Emissions reduction estimates based on implementation of the strategies and actions
  • A strategy for implementing climate mitigation actions.

You can download and view the final version of the document and appendices below.

Final Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan, December 2020 


Framework for Climate Mitigation Action


Build Local Capacity & Resilience 

  • Provide coordinated leadership on climate action
  • Monitor greenhouse gases and assess progress
  • Develop expertise in climate-forward practices
  • Factor climate impacts into funding and decisions
  • Support the development of a green economy

Store Carbon

  • Plant trees and preserve tree canopy 
  • Preserve farmland and increase regenerative agriculture practices 
  • Preserve and enhance prairies

Shift Energy Sources

  • Switch more appliances, heaters, and vehicles to electricity
  • Make it easier to charge electric vehicles in homes and around town  

Live Lighter

  • Create denser urban neighborhoods where more people can opt to drive less
  • Make it easier to telework, walk, bicycle, and ride transit
  • Reduce food and other waste

Green Our Grid

  • Support State-level action to generate electricity with 100% renewable sources
  • Increase energy efficiency of homes and businesses
  • Make it easier to install renewables on homes and businesses

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