TRPC's Rural Community Support Program Call for Projects is Underway

Public Comments Accepted through November 20, 2020

Thurston Regional Planning Council is seeking public comments on four transportation grant proposals from the Town of Bucoda, the cities of Rainier and Tenino, and the Nisqually Indian Tribe. All public comments will be presented to the Thurston Regional Planning Council on December 4, 2020. 

View the proposals. 

How to Comment

Email comments to:

Paul Brewster, Senior Planner

Comments should be received by 5:00 pm PST on Friday, November 20, 2020.

RCSP Basics

$550,000 in grant funding is available to program to projects in South Thurston County Communities for calendar years 2022 through 2025.

  • October 30: Applications Due
  • November 5: Technical Advisory Committee Feasibility Review
  • November 9-20: Public Comments Accepted 
  • November 18: Transportation Policy Board Review and Funding Recommendation
  • December 4: TRPC Project Selection


Thurston Regional Planning Council (TRPC) reserved a portion of Surface Transportation Block Grant funds from the 2020 Regional Federal Transportation Grant Program Call for Projects to conduct a second Call for Projects that is limited to the Town of Bucoda, the cities of Rainier and Tenino, the Nisqually Indian Tribe, and the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation. 

TRPC is leading the Rural Community Support Program (RCSP) Call for Projects Process and Thurston County Public Works will disburse half the grant awards to eligible projects in 2022 and the remainder in 2023.

Eligible projects and programs must be consistent with federal Surface Transportation Block Grant and Transportation Alternatives grant program eligibility requirements, but without federal restrictions. Applicant matching funds are not required. TRPC is seeking proposals that satisfy the Council’s Regional Funding Priorities: 

  1. Safety
  2. System Preservation and Maintenance
  3. Multimodal Efficiency
  4. Active Transportation


TRPC received four proposals from the Town of Bucoda, the City of Rainier, the City of Tenino, and the Nisqually Indian Tribe. All four proposals are pedestrian improvement projects. A summary of the projects follows.

Sidewalk Replacement on Main Street between 6th and 7th Streets

Agency: Town of BucodaGrant Request: $137,500
Match: No matchTotal Cost: $137,500
Phase: Design & ConstructionTimeline: 2022-2025
Location: Main Street between 6th & 7th
Funding Priorities: Safety; Maintenance & Preservation; and Multimodal Efficiency

Project Overview

Bucoda's central business area is centered on Main Street. The sidewalk between 6th and 7th Avenue traverses the town's most popular destinations including Liberty Market, Joe's Place, Bucoda's Town Hall and Community Center, and the Post Office. The aging sidewalk is in poor condition. Cracks and irregular surfaces create tripping and fall hazards. This proposal will replace approximately 308 feet of sidewalk, add planter strips, illumination, and improve stormwater conveyance along this well-traveled block. The project will improve public safety, improve the appearance of Main Street, and enhance the core business area's sense of place.

Link to the full project application

SR 507 and Myers Street SE Crosswalk

Agency: City of RainierGrant Request: $137,500
Match: $10,206Total Cost: $147,706
Phase: Design & ConstructionTimeline: 2022-2025
Location: Intersection of SR507 and Myer Street SE
Funding Priorities: Safety; Multimodal Efficiency; and Active Transportation

Project Overview

The current intersection configuration at Myers Street SE and SR507 does not have pavement markings or warning signs to alert traffic of pedestrian crossings at this intersection.  Pedestrians crossing at this location must time their crossing with gaps in the traffic and must climb a berm on the north side of the roadway to access the Yelm-Tenino Trail.  Traffic at this intersection is also in a transition area where traffic leaving town is accelerating to 50 MPH and cars entering are decelerating to the posted 30 MPH.   This project will increase driver and pedestrian safety by installing two ADA compliant curb ramps, plastic crosswalk markings, Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon’s(RRFB's), and an asphalt path that connects to the Yelm-Tenino Trail.  Current development of multifamily housing in the adjacent subdivision will increase both pedestrian and vehicle traffic at this intersection.

Link to the full project application

North Hodgden Street Improvements

Agency: City of TeninoGrant Request: $137,500
Match: $10,624Total Cost: $148,124
Phase: Design & ConstructionTimeline: 2022-2025
Location: Hodgden Street north of Sussex Avenue
Funding Priorities: Safety; Maintenance & Preservation; Multimodal Efficiency; and Active Transportation

Project Overview

The project area, lying between the Post Office and a new Cider Mill, and just north of Tenino City Hall and Fire District #12, is an area of heavy foot traffic. Many people park their cars in this location and then walk to various other points in the downtown area. Since many of Tenino's citizens are elderly, the uneven surfaces are difficult to navigate. This proposal would address the surface condition; lack of sidewalks, curbs, and gutters; lack of drainage; and general appearance of Hodgden Street from the intersection of Sussex Avenue to a point approximately 115 feet north of the intersection. The City will repair the sidewalks along the north side of Sussex Avenue on either side of Hodgden Street for 50 feet in both directions.

Link to the full project application

Elder Services Facility

Agency: Nisqually Indian TribeGrant Request: $137,500
Match: N/ATotal Cost: $137,500
Phase: ConstructionTimeline: 2022-2025
Location: 12310 Yelm Highway SE, Nisqually Indian Reservation
Funding Priorities: Active Transportation

Project Overview

The RCSP grant will be used to supplement other grant funds the Nisqually Indian Reservation is seeking to construct a new Elders Center. The new Elders Center is will be collocated with a new Health Clinic that is currently under construction. Siting these facilities close to a new multi-family residential housing area moves the Nisqually Indian Reservation closer to its vision to consolidate its major community destinations and services on the north side of State Route 510. The Elders Center design includes sidewalks and pathways to provide safe and convenient walking routes for Tribal residents accessing these community facilities and services. The RCSP grant will fund a portion of these future pedestrian improvements.

Link to the full project application

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