More on Why Electric Vehicles Matter

Cleaner Air and Climate Change

Electric Vehicles (EVs) have less direct emissions than gasoline engines, including zero direct emissions from an all-electric EV. This helps reduce smog and supports better air quality and health. The source of electricity production that goes to fuel EVs contributes to overall EV emission impact which varies by electric provider. In Thurston County electric generation primarily comes from carbon-intensive fuels such as coal, but efforts are underway to provide cleaner sources of energy. This, coupled with an increase in percent of EVs in the vehicle fleet, will help contribute to Thurston County Climate Change green house gas (GHG) reductions goals of 45% below 2015 levels by 2030 and 85% below 2015 levels by 2050.

Transportation is the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Thurston County, and most of that comes from the combustion of fossil fuel-based products, like gasoline or diesel, in cars and trucks. Meeting our region’s targets for reducing emissions will require a substantial shift to electric vehicles over next ten years. Switching to electric or higher efficiency fuels to power cars, trucks, and buses accounts for more than two thirds of the reductions we will need in local transportation emissions by 2050.

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Reliable Fuel Source

EVs reduce reliance on oil supplies which are vulnerable to prices changes and supply disruptions. Electric energy is principally from a variety of domestic sources, including renewable such as wind and solar, providing a diversity of fuel choices. EVs offer owners the convenience to charge their vehicle overnight at home and eliminate trips to fueling stations.

Cheaper than Gas

EVs are cheaper than gas per mile to operate. A standard gas vehicle costs 10¢ to 15¢ per mile, where EVs running electric only costs 2¢ to 4¢ per mile and PHEVs running on gas only are still cheaper than standard gas vehicle at 5¢ to 10¢ per mile. 

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