Regional Transportation Plan Amendments

2022 Proposed Amendments

Thurston Regional Planning Council opened the annual amendment cycle for the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) on September 30, 2022. Six amendments are proposed:

  • Remove the Log Cabin Road Connection project (City of Olympia proposal). The city of Olympia amended their comprehensive Plan to remove the Log Cabin Road Connection.  This means it is no longer a regional project.
  • Add the Southeast Olympia Street Connectivity Study (City of Olympia proposal). In place of the Log Cabin Road Connection, the City of Olympia proposes performing a connectivity study to understand the multimodal transportation needs of the area.
  • Add the Northeast Lacey Operational Terminal Facility (Intercity Transit proposal). IT proposes installing a roundabout at the intersection of Martin Way and Duterrow Road/Meridian Road to improve transit operations.
  • Add the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Project (Intercity Transit proposal). IT proposes developing a comprehensive study, demonstration project, and phased implementation of new facilities to provide a pathway to a zero-emission public transportation fleet.
  • Remove reference to a four-year plan as the RTP is now on a 5-year update cycle (TRPC staff proposal). The Thurston Region used to be in an air quality maintenance area, which required the RTP to be on a four-year update cycle. Now that the Thurston Region is no longer in a maintenance area, the RTP reverts to a 5-year update cycle.  
  • Add Transit Safety Performance Measures (TRPC staff proposal). This amendment would add a new section to Appendix I, System Performance Report, to address transit safety performance measures.

Public Comment Period

TRPC will consider the comments provided during the  public comment period, which closed at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, February 3, 2023.  


Review the draft amendments.

Proposed Changes

  • Draft Changes (PDF) Updated to more clearly show the proposed changes/revisions and to add staff's recommendation where it differs from the proponents' positions.

The following table outlines the portions of the RTP that are affected by the proposed amendments:

What's Affected?What's Causing the Change?
Log Cabin Road Connection
SE Olympia Street Connectivity StudyNE Lacey Operational Terminal FacilityAlternative Fuel Infrastructure Project5-Year Plan CycleTransit Safety Performance Measures
Chapter 1, Introduction

Chapter 2, RecommendationsXXXX

Chapter 6, FinanceXX

Appendix D, RTP Update Process and Compliance

Appendix E, Public Engagement

Appendix G, Air Quality Conformity

Appendix I, System Performance Report

Appendix L, Regional Project List DetailXXXX

Fiscal Constraint

The RTP is a financially constrained plan. Financial constraint means that the RTP only includes projects that the region can afford to complete with existing revenues or with revenues that are reasonably expected to be available. With the proposed amendments, there will be a net reduction in expenditures for regional projects and no change in revenues, meaning the RTP will remain a financially constrained plan. 

  • Removing Log Cabin Road - reduces expenditures by $8.55 million
  • Adding SE Olympia Street Connectivity Study - increases expenditures by $800,000
  • The NE Lacey Operational Terminal Facility and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Project were already accounted for in Intercity Transit's budget but weren't clearly defined projects.
  • The 5-Year Update Cycle and the Transit Safety Performance Measures have no impact on the RTP's status as a financially constrained plan.

2022 Amendment Process

September 30, 2022Call for Amendments Issued
November 9, 2022Request for amendments due to TRPC staff. Requests must be made in writing and received by 4:30 pm
December 15, 2022List of proposed changes announced at Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
January 11, 2023List of proposed changes announced at Transportation Policy Board (TPB) meeting; TPB review of amendments
January 13, 2023List of proposed changes announced at Council meeting
January 20-February 3, 2023Public Comment Period
March 3, 20231st review of proposed amendments at Council
March 8, 2023TPB issues recommendation
April 7, 2023Council considers adoption of amendments