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Agriculture, forests, and prairies generate a small portion of our emissions but can play a large role in offsetting other emissions. See the regional agriculture, forests, and prairies strategies and actions.


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  Not on track

Emissions from agriculture have remained mostly unchanged since 2015. Forested lands, agricultural lands, and prairie lands have all declined from historic levels due to development pressure, and net emissions from changes in forest cover are trending upwards. The region is not on track to reach targets associated with carbon sequestration or agricultural practices. 

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Strategies and Actions

Reduce emissions from agricultural practices. Agriculture makes up only a small proportion of regional emissions, but farms can reduce that impact with better management of animal waste and reducing reliance on synthetic fertilizer.

Support agricultural practices that sequester carbon. Agriculture land management practices like cover cropping, no-till and minimum tillage, crop rotations, soil amendments, and changes in grazing rotations have been shown to increase the rate of carbon stored in plants and soil. Increasing the use of such regenerative practices among farmers can help offset local emissions from other sectors.

Preserve tree canopy and manage forests and prairies to sequester carbon. Trees and other types of plants remove carbon dioxide from the air and store it as carbon in vegetation and soil. Conserving existing tree canopy and forest areas and restoring prairies and forested areas that have been cleared can help to offset emissions from other activities, while providing many community benefits such as storing and cleaning water, providing shade to cool urban areas, space for recreation, and habitat for many sensitive species. 

See the full list of the agriculture, forests, and prairies strategies and actions.

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