Urban Corridors Task Force

Identifying & Understanding Barriers

The Urban Corridors Task Force (UCTF) was a joint subcommittee of the Thurston Regional Planning Council and the Transportation Policy Board. Between November 2009 and July 2012 the Task Force worked to establish an objective understanding of background conditions along the region's key urban corridors, identify and understand barriers to achieving adopted land use visions, and identify potential opportunities for addressing those barriers. Task Force members looked at the relationship between transportation and land use in these corridors, and worked to understand the market factors that influence the viability of infill and redevelopment projects in this region.


The UCTF Recommendations (PDF) and the summary recommendations (PDF) recap the highlights of that work. The cities of Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater, and Thurston County signed a joint resolution (PDF) committing to work together to accomplish those recommendations. Today that on-going work is part of the Urban Corridors Communities Partnership program of activities.

Meeting Schedule

The Urban Corridors Task Force has concluded its regular meetings. A series of briefings with councils and other corridor stakeholders will be scheduled during the first and second quarters of 2012.