Welcome! This is the public information resource for the Port of Olympia’s New Market Industrial Campus and Tumwater Town Center Real Estate Development Planning Process.

After a hiatus, the Port of Olympia is returning to this important project. The draft plan was delayed because of revisions to the project’s scope of work. The original study evaluated a full-build out scenario with no set timeline. The plan development team revised the draft plan to focuses on what might be expected within the next 20 years. This 20-year time frame complements the City of Tumwater Comprehensive Plan.

As we move forward again, we will send information to people who participated in the earlier work and will update this website.

Thanks for your continuing interest.

For the latest project materials and information visit Maps & Reports. 

About This Planning Process

The Port of Olympia is working on a comprehensive planning process to guide future development within the New Market Industrial Campus (NMIC) and Tumwater Town Center property districts.  This process will consider a range of actions for this area that will contribute to economic development and jobs creation in the Thurston County region.

The process produced a draft plan that will identifies:
  • Market-based development opportunities         
  • Recommendations for comprehensive plan updates    
  • Infrastructure investments         
  • Necessary environmental reviews
  • Other actions necessary to implement plan’s proposed projects.      

This planning process is:

  1. Data driven  

A team of consultants performed a variety of technical studies for the affected properties:

  • Market analysis – What land uses and activities are economically feasible and will align with the Port of Olympia’s and Tumwater’s mutual objectives?
  • Environmental assessment – What steps can be taken to minimize impacts to sensitive areas and surrounding neighborhoods? Are there constraints to development?
  • Infrastructure - How can transportation investments and other utilities best serve future development needs and the surrounding community?
  1. Responsive to public interest

Thurston Regional Planning Council is partnering with the Port of Olympia to lead the public participation process. Throughout the project, TRPC will:

  • Engage a variety of stakeholders - Residents, property owners, businesses, developers, state and local government, and others will inform the plan’s contents.
  • Convene the community – Host public meetings to enable people to share their ideas and express their concerns about development on port property.
  • Educate and provide meaningful direction – Assemble key stakeholders to serve on an advisory committee to disseminate information from the technical studies, evaluate public input, and provide direction on the plan’s overall development.

Contact Us

  1. For more information about this planning process, contact:

    Paul Brewster, Senior Planner
    brewstp@trpc.org, (360) 956-7575

    Port of Olympia
    Rachael Jamison, Planning, Public Works & Environmental Director
    rachaelj@portolympia.com, (360) 528-8020