Capitol Boulevard

Final Report & Action Plan

The final report and updated regulations are available on the 
City of Tumwater's Capitol Boulevard webpage.

Transforming Capitol Boulevard

The City of Tumwater, Thurston Regional Planning Council, and a consultant team led by MAKERs Architecture and Urban design partnered on a study to support the transformation of Capitol Boulevard between Southgate and Israel Road. The study looked to promote redevelopment along the corridor; improve the aesthetic appeal of the street and improve transportation options and safety for walkers, cyclists, and motorists.

The transformation of the corridor was identified as a priority item in the City’s Economic Development Strategy, and as a priority corridor by The Urban Corridors Task Force of the Thurston Regional Planning Council.

History of the Area

Capitol Boulevard is part of the old state highway system that linked Portland and Seattle. Before 1980 the corridor was Tumwater’s center for commerce and shopping, but in the last 30 years there has been little public or private investment. Today, it functions as a major corridor linking Tumwater and downtown Olympia.

Residential Survey

 The major issues identified in the Residential Survey (PDF) included:
  • The desire for less traffic / congestion
  • The desire for more businesses, particularly restaurants
  • The need to improve access to businesses for motorists
  • The need for safer crosswalks
  • The need for facilities that promote safe bike travel
  • The desire for improved aesthetics along the street