Decennial Census

Since 1790, the United States Census Bureau has conducted a national population count every 10 years, with the most recent being the 2010 Census. This decennial census collects basic demographic data on the sex, age, relationship, race and ethnicity of every resident and every household in the nation.

Use the links below to view select Decennial Census data for Thurston County jurisdictions:

American Community Survey

The Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS) collects detailed data on education, poverty, migration, commute patterns, and income. Use the following links to find ACS data for Thurston County jurisdictions or use the interactive map to find data about neighborhood.

2011-2016 ACS Data Tables

The American Community Survey is a monthly survey of the United States population that replaces the "Long Form" questionnaire used in the 2000 Decennial Census. ACS estimates are available as 1 and 5-year averages with the 1-year data being the most current but least accurate and the 5-year data being the most accurate but least current.

“Long Form” Census
5-Year ACS
1-Year ACS
Last available in 2000

Updated Annually
Updated Annually
(April 1, 2000)
60 Month Average
12 Month Average
1 in 6 Households
1 in 15 Households
1 in 75 Households
Available for Block
Groups and Larger
Available for Block
Groups and Larger
Available for areas
with 65,000+ residents

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