Thurston Regional Trails Plan 2007

Common Vision Unites Partners
The Chehalis Western Trail “Bridging the Gap” project’s success is attributed to the ongoing collaborative efforts of this region’s citizens and local, state, and federal government staff and elected representatives.

The completion of the Bridging the Gap Project will benefit everyone who likes to walk, run, bicycle, and enjoy other trail activities. It is a project worth getting excited about, but it is only 1 of many regionally significant trail projects that will link people with places throughout the Thurston Region.

Much More to Come

On December 7, 2007, the Thurston Regional Planning Council adopted the Thurston Regional Trails Plan (PDF). This plan offers a vision for a region-wide trail network that connects people with places not just within Thurston County, but also looks beyond its borders for potential connections with neighboring counties. The plan is foremost a trail systems blueprint. It illustrates through maps and user-friendly narratives how multiple trails can connect.

Common Goals Guide Projects

The plan invites all local governments, tribes, federal and state agencies, advocates, and public and private stakeholders to share a role in developing this trail network. The plan offers guidelines and recommendations to serve all of Thurston County and its cities, towns, and communities. Collaboration is essential to connect the planned, proposed, and potential trail corridors identified in the plan.

The plan’s proposed trail network consists of 29 trail segments totaling 145 miles with 57 miles currently open to the public. Some planned segments will be constructed in the near future. The remaining proposed and potential segments are not unattainable, just unexplored.

Quality of Life & Community Livability

Trails promote quality of life and community livability by:
  • Providing transportation choice and offering access to community destinations
  • Conserving energy and reducing green house gas emissions
  • Providing recreation opportunities by linking parks and open spaces
  • Providing people with facilities to become more physically active
  • Maintaining biodiversity through greenway habitat conservation and restoration

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