Public Transit & Human Services Transportation

A public transit van driving on a city street

Developing Regional Plans

Nearly 15 years ago, TRPC began to coordinate transportation efforts in the Thurston Region. Continuing activities include facilitating the Thurston County Human Services Transportation Forum, developing regional plans, and implementing services.

Legislature Requirements

Federal transportation legislation requires TRPC to a plan for coordination of human service transportation. At the state level, the Washington State Department of Transportation Coordinated Grant program mandates that that we update the plans by the end of 2014. This effort began in May 2014.

Regional Coordinated Plan

The Regional Coordinated Plan (PDF), last updated in December 2014, includes a Prioritized Project List and the following goals:
  • Increase Mobility Options
  • Improve Individual Service
  • Increase Coordination with Other Systems and Programs
  • Increase Efficiency
Thurston Regional Planning Council is currently working on an update to the 2014 plan. Until adopted, the Prioritized Project List (pg P1) is pending.