Household Travel Survey

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2013 Household Travel Survey

Good transportation is an important part of our quality of life and supports our economy. TRPC and our partner planning agencies in the South Sound region conducted a study to better understand residents’ travel patterns and attitudes about transportation. The information collected in this study will help agencies improve the transportation system, for example:
  • How should we prioritize transportation investments?
  • Where will road widening be needed in the future?
  • What role can transit, biking, and walking play in improving regional mobility?
  • What do we do about I-5?

Needed Data

We need data about local travel characteristics to understand and answer questions like these. That is why we conduct a household travel study every 10 to 15 years. Data from this research is used to update our models and analysis tools so that they reflect local conditions and preferences. Some households in the area were randomly selected for this study and their input will shape transportation decision-making over the next 20 years.

Survey Results

2,477 Household Diaries

Total number of households that participated in the study.

5,088 Persons

Total number of people who took part in the study.

20,206 Trips

Total number of trips recorded by people during the study

5,222 Long Distance Trips

Total number of trips recorded that were 40 miles or longer