Rules of the Ride

State law (RCW 9.91.025) and rT policy determines appropriate transit behavior. Violators may be banned from service, fined, or arrested.

Services are available to the general public.

 Riders may not:

  • Smoke, including tobacco, electronic cigarettes, and marijuana
  • Consume an alcoholic beverage, carry an open alcoholic beverage, or be intoxicated
  • Discard litter, other than in designated receptacles
  • Dump or discard any materials at a transit stop, including hazardous materials or automotive fluids
  • Carry any dangerous materials on the vehicle
  • Carry a firearm in a way that causes alarm (This does not prevent a passenger from carrying a firearm or ammunition in a way that is not otherwise prohibited by law)
  • Refuse to pay the appropriate fare
  • Board without wearing a shirt or shoes
  • Harass drivers or other passengers
  • Disturb others by engaging in loud, raucous, unruly, harmful, threatening or harassing behavior, including the use of profanity
  • Play music/other audio that can be heard by others (headphones are allowed)
  • Sleep, lie down, or use more than 1 seat
  • Deface or damage property
  • Refuse to move from seats designated for persons using wheelchairs
  • Obstruct or impede the flow of transit vehicles or passenger traffic
  • Engage in gambling or game of chance for the winning of money or anything of value

rT allows service animals on all buses. Washington State Law states that a service animal “is an animal that is trained for the purpose of assisting or accommodating a sensory, mental, or physical disability of a person with a disability.” (RCW 49.60.40(24)).* These working animals:  may be any breed of dog; are permitted to go wherever their handler is permitted to go; are allowed even if others have fears of/allergies to dogs; must be under the handler’s control at all times (harness/leash); must be housebroken; and may not pose a legitimate, direct threat to health and safety of others. 

Pets are not service animals.  Service Animals in Training and Comfort/Emotional Support animals are not service animals.  Contact Around the Sound to voluntarily register your comfort/emotional support animal or to arrange access to a vehicle for training. 

Drivers may ask two questions when a disability is not obvious.  Individuals traveling with an animal must be able to answer these questions. 

  • Is the animal a pet?
  • What is the animal trained to do for you?

Collapsible strollers are allowed on the vehicle, and must be controlled by an adult at all times.

Bike & Ride
We provide bike racks on all vehicles. Bikes are not allowed inside the vehicle.

Contact Us

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    We want your experience to be a good one. Call one of our Customer Service agents with questions or concerns.

    Thank you for riding ruralTRANSIT!

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    Zero-Fare Service
    Services are available to the general public.