The region's population is projected to grow by about 120,000 people through 2035. Learn more about the transportation implications of our changing population.


Demographic Infographic, TRPC (PDF)

The population is growing and lifestyles are changing. Four trends are emerging among youth, seniors, soldiers and commuters. How does what moves them affect you?


Coming of Age in Aging America (Youtube)
(The Big Idea in 4 Minutes – by Vital Pictures) What will it mean for us all to grow up, live and age in a society where half the citizens are over the age of 50? Never in human history has this been our reality.


In the News

Read notable news about the busy intersection of transportation and demographics.
“Dramatic 30 Year Decline of Young Drivers Chart", the Atlantic. (PDF)

“Why are Young People Ditching Cars for Smartphones", the Atlantic. (PDF) 


A Closer Look

Read notable news about the busy intersection of transportation and demographics.

TRPC research brief: Changes in Household Size in Thurston County

TRPC research brief: Demographic changes in Thurston County

The Washington Elder Economics Security Initiative: Fact Sheet for Thurston County, Wider Opportunities for Women. (PDF)

Creating Livable Opportunities for All Ages: The Opportunities and Benefits of an Aging Population, Area Agency on Aging. (PDF)

The Profile - TRPC's flagship document, The Profile provides demographic, statistical and mapping information for Thurston County, Washington.

Population and Employment Forecasts - These forecasts are used for transportation, sewer, water, land use, school, and other local governmental planning purposes. They are also used by the private sector for business planning.