Energy & Environment

From gallons of gasoline to kilowatts of electricity, energy is the key to moving people and goods throughout the Thurston Region and beyond. Learn more about our changing energy mix and its environmental impacts.
Inslee Plan to Help Drivers Plug In and Power Up

Driving an electric vehicle offers an increasingly viable transportation option in Washington, thanks to an expanding network of charging stations and array alternative vehicles. Read more...

TEDxRainier - Joe Justice

Think a 100 mpg gallon car is impossible? Think again. A Seattle-area software consultant and Team WikiSpeed member designs a high-efficiency and high-performance automobile.


In the News

Read notable news about the busy intersection of transportation, energy and the environment.

“High Gas Prices Persist, Despite US Oil Boom” (PDF)


A Closer Look

Read notable news about the busy intersection of transportation, energy, and the environment.

Olympia Conversion of Traffic Signals to LED Presentation (PDF)

Electric vehicle projection policy brief (PDF)

Transportation and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (USDOT) - The transportation sector directly accounted for about 28% of total U.S. GHG emissions in 2006, making it the second largest source of GHG emissions.

Modal Primer on Greenhouse Gas and Energy Issuses for the Transportation Industry (Transportation Research Board) - An assessment of road, rail, air, marine, and transit modes.

Transporation Energy for the Future: A Guide for Policymakers (National Conference of State Legislatures) - Although the problems caused by lack of fuel diversity in transportation have been recognized for decades, recent spikes in oil prices have encouraged policymakers, innovative industries, and consumers to raise U.S. production of transportation energy resources.