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Mailing Address:
Thurston Regional Planning Council
 2424 Heritage Court SW, Suite A
Olympia, Washington  98502

Hours of operation: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Phone: (360) 956-7575
Fax: (360) 956-7815

**Please consider using an alternate mode when visiting TRPC: bike, walk, bus, carpool, or vanpool.  This facility is served by Intercity Transit Routes 12 and 42**

TRPC Staff

Marc Daily Executive Director 360-741-2525
Veena Tabbutt
Deputy Director
Karen Parkhurst Planning & Policy Director 360-741-2522
Tyson Justis Senior Accountant 360-741-2515
Burlina Martin
Administrative Assistant
Dorinda O'Sullivan Office Specialist III 360-956-7386
Communications & Outreach
Sarah Selstrom Communications & Outreach Specialist II
Scott Carte GIS & Modeling Manager 360-741-2535
Michael Ambrogi Senior GIS Analyst 360-741-2544
Information Technology
Dave Read IT Manager 360-741-2511
Aaron Grimes Senior Transportation Modeler 360-741-2510
Clyde Scott Transportation Modeler 360-741-2523
Allison Osterberg Senior Planner
Holly Gilbert Senior Planner 360-741-2512
Paul Brewster Senior Planner 360-741-2526
Katrina Van Every Senior Planner 360-741-2514
Sara Porter Associate Planner 360-741-2518
Theressa Julius Associate Planner 360-741-2527
Amy Hatch-Winecka WRIA 13 Salmon Habitat Recovery Lead Entity Coordinator 360-741-2524
Steve Xu Planning Technician 360-741-2517

Interim Deputy Director
Interim Deputy Director