Sustainable Thurston Report Card
Today's Forecast: SUNNY, future looks bright. That's what the Sustainable Thurston Report Card says about how we're doing in keeping our air clean and healthy. This and other goals are being tracked in this progress report for the region.

Don’t stop believin’. Hold on to that feelin’ … and the latest copy of Journeys — a TRPC newsletter that highlights new bike lanes, sidewalks and other active-transportation projects in the Thurston Region.

Climate Adaptation
We share one planet but many climate solutions. Read TRPC’s Thurston Climate Adaptation Plan to learn what you can do to prepare for bigger storms, deeper droughts, and other climate impacts.


The Water Resource Inventory Area 13 (WRIA 13) – Deschutes Lead Entity is soliciting project proposals for salmon habitat restoration and conservation projects in the Deschutes and associated watersheds. 

TRPC undertakes a variety of planning projects as part of the Council's annual work program as well as on contract with local jurisdictions in Thurston County. This area of our website showcases current projects.