General Commute Trends

  1. Mode Split
  2. Travel Time
  3. Time Leaving for Work
SourceU.S. Bureau of the Census: American Community Survey
Data TableCommute Trends
ExplanationMode SplitMost Thurston County residents drive alone to work (80%), followed by carpooling (9%). Only 3% walk or bike and 2% ride the bus.

Travel Time—Travel time to work for the region’s residents increased over the last 20 years. In 1990, 46% of residents experienced 20 minute or longer commutes. By 2013–2017, this share increased to 56%.

The bulk of the increase in commute lengths has occurred in trips that last over 30 minutes. Commutes longer than 30 minutes increased from 23% of the trips in 1990 to 33% of the total trips in the 2013–2017 period.

Sustainable Thurston Report Card

The Sustainable Thurston Report Card uses commute trends to measure how well the Thurston region is doing at using alternative means of commuting. No targets have been established for this.

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