Intercity Transit Ridership

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SourceIntercity Transit
Data TableIntercity Transit Ridership
ExplanationIntercity Transit is the largest public transit agency in Thurston County. The agency operates 20 fixed bus routes throughout the urban areas of Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater and Yelm. Intercity Transit also operates four express bus routes to Pierce County. In addition, the agency offers a robust vanpool program, door to door Dial-A-Lift services for people with disabilities, and a mix of educational programs.

Between 2015 and 2016, ridership levels for Intercity Transit's fixed-route service decreased from 4.31 million to 4.11 million boardings and vanpool ridership decreased from 680,000 to 600,000 boardings. However, Dial-A-Lift ridership rose slightly during the same period from 160,000 (2015) to 170,000 (2016) boardings.

Sustainable Thurston Report Card

The Sustainable Thurston Report Card uses the per capita Intercity Transit ridership data to measure how well the Thurston region is doing at increasing the efficiency of public transportation.  No targets have been established for increasing ridership.

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