Graduation Rates

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SourceWashington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
Data TableGraduation Rates by School Districts
MapThurston County Schools
ExplanationGraduation rates in Thurston County public schools vary considerably based on the year and whether or not the school is a traditional or non-traditional/alternative school. Traditional schools tend to have graduation rates that are significantly higher than state and countywide averages, while non-traditional schools tend to have lower graduation rates.

In Thurston County, the school with the highest graduation rates for the 2017-2018 school year was Tumwater High School (96%). Tenino High School's graduation rates have increased the most, rising from 66% in 2011 to 92% in 2018.

While the statewide graduation rate increased between 2011 and 2018, the countywide graduation rate decreased, falling from 80% to 78%.

Graduation Rate

OSPI calculates graduation rates using the “adjusted 4-year cohort rate” methodology. Students are placed in a group — or cohort — based on the year they enter ninth grade for the first time. The calculation adjusts for students who transfer into a Washington public high school for the first time and join a cohort. Students are removed from the cohort if they transfer out of public school in Washington.

The adjusted cohort method tracks individual students over time and does not rely on estimates. It generally aligns with what most people think of as a graduation rate: Among a group of students who started high school together, what percent graduated in four years?

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