Open Space Tax Programs

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SourceThurston County Assessor's Office
Data TableAgricultural and Forest Tax Programs
ExplanationPrivately owned forest, farm and open space lands offer many environmental benefits and contribute to the rural character present in much of Thurston County. To encourage the protection of these lands, the Washington State Legislature approved two voluntary programs which provide tax breaks to property owners who preserve farmland, forestland, and open space by valuing property based on its current use, rather than its "highest and best" use.

Designated Forest Land
The Designated Forest Land Program encourages the protection of forest land in Washington state by lowering taxes on properties meeting specific requirements. In 2018, 127,320 acres of land were enrolled in the Designated Forest Land program in Thurston County.

Open Space Taxation Act
The 1970 Open Space Taxation Act provides tax relief for property in three classes of land: open space, farm and agriculture land, and timber land. In 2018, 38,018 acres of land were enrolled in the Open Space Tax Program in Thurston County.

More information on the two programs and the requirements that property owners must meet to ernoll is available from the Thurston County Assessor's Office.
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