Race & Ethnicity

  1. Race
  2. Hispanic or Latino Origin
SourceU.S. Census Bureau
Data TableRace & Ethnicity in Thurston County Jurisdictions
ExplanationThe racial and ethnic makeup of Thurston County continues to become more diverse. For the 2013-2017 average, 82% of Thurston County residents classified themselves as "White alone." Those who identified as either Asian or of two or more races comprised the largest minority groups - each comprising nearly 6% of the county's population.  

The Chehalis and Nisqually Reservations are the most diverse communities in the region with less than 50% of their respective populations identifying as white alone.  Lacey continues to be the most diverse of Thurston County's cities and towns, with less than 74% identifying as white alone.

The Hispanic and Latino population in Thurston County, which may include persons of any race, is also increasing, growing from 7% to nearly 9% between 2010 and 2017.
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