Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture


The Architecture is an inventory of existing, planned, and future Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) within Thurston County. It is essential to effective inter-agency integration, deployment, and operation of technology-based transportation projects. 

Our stakeholders include local, county, state, and federal governmental organizations, as well as others such as Intercity Transit, public schools, and the Port of Olympia. 

For detailed information on how the Architecture can be used to support transportation planning and project development, view the Concept of Use. The Maintenance Plan outlines the process for keeping the Architecture up-to-date for the Thurston Region.

What's ITS? 

ITS stands for Intelligent Transportation Systems, the advanced technology used to make transportation safer and more efficient.  Some local examples include –

  • Automatic traffic signals in Lacey and Olympia 
  • Traffic signals changing in response to police cars and fire trucks
  • Freeway cameras on I-5 that show current traffic conditions