Transportation Technologies (ITS)

The Thurston Region is Updating Our Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture

A regional Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) architecture is essential to effective inter-agency integration, deployment, and operation of technology-based transportation projects. Our update will be completed in 2018.

Updating our ITS Architecture will help us prepare for the future of:

  • Advanced Traffic Management
  • Traffic Incident Management
  • Maintenance and Construction Operation
  • Traveler Information
  • Advanced Transit Systems
  • Connected Vehicles
  • ...and many more
For more information please contact Scott Carte, (360) 741-2535,

Thurston Region ITS Plan

What’s ITS?

ITS stands for Intelligent Transportation Systems, the advanced technology used to make transportation safer and more efficient.  Some local examples include –

  • Freeway cameras on I-5 that show current traffic conditions
  • Automated stop announcements on Intercity Transit buses
  • Traffic signals changing in response to police cars and fire trucks
Other regional examples include variable speed limits, traffic billboards, tweets, internet updates, etc…

2001 Thurston Region ITS Plan

The 2001 Regional ITS Plan guides local coordination of transportation technology. The Plan is composed of five technical documents looking at needs for the local and state transportation system. It proposes broad areas for concentration and collaboration among public agencies. It also includes a more specific plan that lays out Intercity Transit’s use of transportation technology.

  1. User Needs, User Services and User Requirements (PDF)
  2. Thurston Region System Architecture and Appendices (PDF)
  3. Thurston Region Public Transportation System Architecture and Strategic Deployment Plan (PDF)
  4. Thurston Regional ITS Implementation Plan (PDF)
  5. Thurston Region ITS Final Report (PDF)

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