Interactive Bike Map Disclaimer

NOTICE TO BICYCLISTS: This map and accompanying information is intended solely to assist bicyclists in their selection of facilities to ride on throughout Thurston County. In providing this information, Thurston Regional Planning Council (TRPC) does not designate these facilities as formal bikeways. TRPC also does not assume liability for bicyclists who choose to travel upon any of the facilities shown on this map, nor does TRPC guarantee the stability, condition or fitness of any of the listed facilities for bicycling. Many of the facilities identified on this map cross and/or run on public roads that are exposed to daily wear and tear and degradation due to weather, motorized traffic and other environmental factors. Facilities may contain pavement imperfections, including ruts, cracks, and bumps. Riders may encounter expansion joints, debris, encroaching vegetation, stormwater inlets, and other natural and man‑made features. Riders should also remain alert for areas of visual impairment and other irregularities that may impact rider and motorist ability to see each other or potential road hazards. The chance that one may come into an area of visual impairment or a route irregularity warrants special care on the part of route users.  This map includes facilities within multiple jurisdictions. Conditions and design elements may vary between jurisdictions.

It is the responsibility of the individual rider to remain alert at all times as to the conditions of the facility, pedestrian and other traffic on the facility, and the  inherent potential for conflict in any shared-use space. Riders should always ride with care for their own safety as well as the safety of all other users of the facility or right-of-way. This map supersedes/replaces all prior versions of the Thurston County Bicycle Map. Riders should consult the most current version of the map.
To view the Bicycle Map, please read the disclaimer and agree to the terms outlined.
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