Wheel Options 2016

Wheel Options Promotional Poster

Thank you for participating in Wheel Options 2016!

Wheel Options is over and the winners have been drawn. Thank you for all your hard work making Wheel Options 2016 happen at your worksite!

Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations to the Grand Prize winner, Maria M. from H Anchor QEA. Maria won a $2500 gift card toward a National Parks-themed vacation package!

Two employees in Thurston County won in the 2016 Wheel Options statewide drawings!

  • Mary L. of the Department of Agriculture won a $50 Amazon gift card.
  • Claire L. of the Department of Labor & Industries won a $50 Lowes gift card.

Thurston County Drawing Winner

JeremiahO - Wheel Options WinnerThurston County Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC), Linda L., presenting Jeremiah the $500 MasterCard 

Jeremiah O. of the Thurston County won a $500 MasterCard in the Thurston County drawing!
Jeremiah was asked to give a few words about how it feels to win a $500 MasterCard and what his alternative commute looks like.
"I am so thankful for Wheel Options and the opportunity to win this MasterCard! This surprise couldn't have come at a better time for my family. Our water heater has recently given out on us, and this will help my wife and me tremendously."

“When I started working for Thurston County, walking to work was my first instinct. I live just half a mile from my office, and couldn't imagine driving myself a distance that I could easily walk each day. Sometimes, my wife’s work schedule is in sync with mine and she can drop me off on her way to work, or pick me up on her way home, but I never drive myself. Even though I live so close, I still encourage others to find commuting alternatives. There is always another option, and it could help save our planet!” 
All prize winners are now listed on the  Wheel Options website!

Wheel Options 2016

Wheel Options LogoWheel Options is a promotional campaign that encourages and rewards commuters for using work trip commute alternatives.

It’s a great way to promote alternative modes of transportation at your worksite, and  an effective way to help your worksite meet its commute trip reduction goals. Eligible Wheel Option modes include carpool, vanpool, public transportation, bicycle, walk, telecommute or a compressed work week (i.e. four, 10-hour days in a week).

Wheel Options is held by WA State Rideshare Organization (WSRO), a non-profit that supports the use of alternative transportation modes to reduce air pollution, traffic congestion, and energy consumption throughout Washington and the northwest. Wheel Options is locally sponsored by Intercity Transit and TRPC.