2014 Thurston Transportation Priorities Survey

In 2014, TRPC widely distributed a transportation priorities survey and investment calculator to gather information on public priorities. The calculator allowed users to get a hands-on feel balancing transportation investment priorities and budget constraints. Below are highlights from the survey results, or view the full survey results.
Survey Respondents

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Investment Calculator

Users were allotted $500 to spend on making transportation better in Thurston County. 

  • Where should that money go? 
  • Is it enough?

[Respondents used an investment calculator to weigh various investment options relative to $500. For example, $20 would expand vanpooling, $175 would add more sidewalks and crosswalks, and $500 would widen I-5 to add HOV lanes.]


75% said...

$500 was not enough.


86% said...

the budget calculator
helped them weigh priorities.


56% said...

they changed priorities
to fit the $500 budget.

Top Priorities for Thurston County

For Me...
More Bike Lanes
More Sidewalks/Crosswalks
More Trails
More Pavement Repair & Maintenance
For the Community...
More Bus & Rail
More Vanpooling
Reduce Solo Travel
More Park & Ride Lots
Maintain Rural Transit
Bus Repair & Replacement
For Commerce...
Add I-5 High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes
Charge Freeway User Fees
More Technology on Freeways
More Pavement Repair & Maintenance

If you were to invest in just one big priority what would it be?


17% Other
30% Commuter Rail
23% HOV on I-5
30% Combine Several Lower Cost Options

Long term priorities for transportation


1. Expand Travel Options
2. Maintain the System
3. Improve Mobility
4. Increase Efficiency
5. Boost Economic Vitality




support raising transportation taxes and fees for their important priorities but...

Respondents varied widely on their important priorities - 

  • Widen roads...Don't widen roads
  • More bike lanes...No bike lanes
  • Expand transit...Limit transit
  • More rail...No more rail
Many wanted greater efficiency in government spending before 
raising taxes or fees.

Who responded to the survey?

Live … 
2/3 live in Lacey, Olympia or Tumwater 
Work … 
9/10 work in Lacey, Olympia or Tumwater
Age … 
1/2 were 35-54 & 1/3 were 55-64
Gender … 
more than 1/2 were women
Ethnicity … 
4/5 were Caucasian
Income … 
1/2 earned $50,000 to $100,000 & 1/3 earned $100,000 +

  In 10 years, how will your transportation needs change?


Will do more walking, bicycling, teleworking, riding the transit


Will do less driving


Will do the same amount of walking.


Will do same amount of driving, bus riding, carpooling/vanpooling.


Will NOT carpool/vanpool, telework, ride the train.

  Why the change? Respondents offered a number of different reasons:

  • Retirement
  • Changing Physical Ability
  • Children Entering School
  • Children Old Enough to Drive or Leaving Home
  • More Future Transportation Options & Changing Technology
  • Congestion
  • Growth
  • Employment Changes
  • Location Changes
  • Environmental Issues
  • Increasing Costs
To learn more, view the full Transportation Priorities Survey results.