Sustainable Thurston Report Card

The Investment section looks at whether the region is making efficient use of its infrastructure and public investments.

How well is the Thurston Region...

1. SunnyUsing water wisely.

Outlook: Sunny, future looks bright. View the supporting data.
2. Partly SunnyReducing energy consumption.

Outlook: Partly sunny, future uncertain. View the supporting data.
3. StormyPlanning and acting toward zero waste in the region.

Outlook: Stormy, concerns for the future. View the supporting data.

Related Goals

Related Sustainable Thurston Priority Goals

  • Priority Goal 1: Create vibrant centers, corridors, and neighborhoods while accommodating growth.
  • Priority Goal 2: Preserve environmentally sensitive lands, farmlands, forest lands, prairies, and rural lands and develop compact urban areas.
  • Priority Goal 3: Create a robust economy through sustainable practices.
  • Priority Goal 5: Plan and act toward zero waste in the region.
  • Priority Goal 8: Ensure that the region’s water supply sustains people in perpetuity while protecting the environment.
  • Priority Goal 12: Make strategic decisions and investments to advance sustainability regionally.

Related Sustainable Thurston Investment Goals

Water Infrastructure
  • Goal WI-1: Provide efficient and effective drinking water infrastructure.
  • Goal WI-2: Manage wastewater in a cost-effective and environmentally sound way.
  • Goal WI-3: Manage stormwater in a cost-effective and environmentally sound way.
  • Goal WI-4: Expand the use of reclaimed water for non-potable uses.
  • Goal EN-1: Increase energy generation from renewable resources to reduce the region’s carbon footprint.
  • Goal EN-2: Enhance the region’s electricity distribution, monitoring and storage infrastructure to support adoption of cleaner technologies and practices.
  • Goal EN-3: Increase energy efficiency and conservation to reduce the region’s carbon footprint.
Public Safety
  • Goal PS-1: Provide emergency services in a dependable and efficient manner to meet the dynamic needs of a diverse society.
  • Goal PS-2: Create a resilient region by improving disaster preparedness, response, and recovery efforts, as well as by expanding public safety education.
Solid Waste
  • Goal SW-1: Plan and take action to reduce, reuse and recycle as much waste as possible and meet the needs of current and future populations.
  • Goal SW-2: Continue to plan for, educate, assist and offer access to safely and efficiently manage disposal and reduce hazardous waste.

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