Opportunities & Choices

Sustainable Thurston Report Card

The Opportunities & Choices section looks at whether the region is promoting a healthy and resilient community for all residents.

How well is the Thurston Region...

1. StormyEnsuring residents have the resources to meet their daily needs.

Outlook: Stormy, concerns for the future. View the supporting data.
2. StormyFinding shelter for our homeless population.

Outlook: Stormy, concerns for the future. View the supporting data.
3. StormyIncreasing housing affordability.

Outlook: Stormy, concerns for the future. View the supporting data.
4. SunnyDecreasing the mortality rate.

Outlook: Sunny, future looks bright. View the supporting data.
5. Partly SunnyProtecting working farms and agricultural land.

Outlook: Partly sunny, future uncertain. View the supporting data.

Related Goals

Related Sustainable Thurston Priority Goals

  • Priority Goal 1: Create vibrant centers, corridors, and neighborhoods while accommodating growth.
  • Priority Goal 2: Preserve environmentally sensitive lands, farmlands, forest lands, prairies, and rural lands and develop compact urban areas.
  • Priority Goal 6: Ensure that residents have the resources to meet their daily needs.
  • Priority Goal 7: Support local food systems to increase community resilience, health, and economic prosperity.
  • Priority Goal 9: Move toward a carbon-neutral community.
  • Priority Goal 11: Provide opportunities for everyone in the Thurston Region to learn about and practice sustainability.

Related Sustainable Thurston Housing, Health and Human Services, and Local Food Systems Goals

  • Goal H-1: Improve regulatory clarity and predictability to encourage urban infill and redevelopment.
  • Goal H-2: Increase housing amid urban corridors and centers to meet the needs of a changing population.
  • Goal H-3: Provide sufficient housing for low- and moderate-income households within each jurisdiction.
  • Goal H-4: Maximize opportunity to redevelop land in priority areas by investing in infrastructure and environmental remediation.
  • Goal H-5: Provide sufficient service-enriched housing for homeless and high-risk populations.
  • Goal H-6: Encourage housing density and diversity in neighborhoods to add vibrancy and increase equitable access to opportunity.
  • Goal H-6: Encourage the construction, weatherization and operation of homes to boost energy efficiency.
Health and Human Services
  • Goal HHS-1: Provide sufficient health and human services for all county residents.
  • Goal HHS-2: Reduce the incidence of preventable disease.
Local Food Systems
  • Goal F-1: Coordinate local food planning efforts to create a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable regional system.
  • Goal F-2: Enhance the economic viability of the local food system.
  • Goal F-3: Ensure universal access to secure, nutritious, and affordable food in the Thurston Region.

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