Risk Assessment

Identifying Hazards and Assessing Vulnerability

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) states, “Risk, for the purpose of hazard mitigation planning, is the potential for damage, loss, or other impacts created by the interaction of hazards with community assets.” The Hazard Mitigation Plan for the Thurston Region includes a risk assessment. The risk assessment provides the factual basis for a strategy to mitigate or reduce the impacts of hazards on the community.
Hazards -
 Risk-CommunityAssets VennDiagram

Hazard Profiles

The plan includes detailed profiles of hazards that pose the greatest risk to the planning area. The profiles include information about the source of the hazards, severity, impacts, probability of occurrence, historical occurences, geographical extent, maps, and hazard exposure analysis for a jurisdiction’s affected area, population, employment, dwelling units, and building valuation and essential facilities exposure. Each hazard profiled in the plan meets the following criteria:

  1. There is a high probability of the hazard occurring in Thurston County within the next 25 years
  2. There is the potential for significant damage to buildings and infrastructure; and/or
  3. There is the potential for loss of life
Hazards Probability of Occurrence Vulnerability Risk
Earthquake (PDF) High High High
Storm (PDF) High High High
Flood (PDF) High Moderate High
Landslide (PDF) High Low Moderate
Wildland Fire (PDF) High Moderate Moderate
Volcanic Events (PDF) Low High Moderate
Other Hazards (PDF) N/A N/A N/A