Pavement Maintenance

Regular maintenance extends the lifetime of pavement


One of the key goals of pavement preservation is to prevent pavement in good condition from deteriorating to the point where the roadway requires rebuilding.  Preventative maintenance is not only much cheaper over the long term than road reconstruction, it also keeps roads in better condition overall.

Without Regular Maintenance: Residential roadways require rebuilding every 20 to 25 years if they aren’t maintained regularly.  An average cost of rebuilding a roadway is around $100 per square yard. 

Regular Maintenance: Roadways that are maintained regularly with a seal or overlay can last indefinitely.  The average cost over 25 years for maintenance is around $50 per square yard.  

A regular maintenance approach not only costs about half as much as allowing roadways to deteriorate before rebuilding them, but it also keeps roadways in better shape – reducing friction and vehicle wear and tear, and avoiding delays due to lengthy construction seasons.