Energy & Carbon Footprints

Energy and Carbon Footprints map out the generation sources and end use of carbon emissions.
The Energy and Carbon Footprints for Thurston County identify six energy sources: hydropower, renewables, nuclear, coal, natural gas, and petroleum. Of these, the first five sources are used by Puget Sound Energy to generate electricity for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. Natural gas is also used directly for commercial, and industrial uses. Petroleum, and a small amount of energy from electricity, is used for the transportation sector.

The 2015 Energy Flow Diagram is based on actual and estimated data obtained from Puget Sound Energy (electricity) and TRPC estimates (transportation). 
We developed two Energy and Carbon Footprint diagrams for future year 2040, reflecting two scenarios in the Carbon Wedge Analysis – Scenario 1 and Scenario 6.  Find more information on the Carbon Wedge Analysis.