Current Annexation Proposals

Annexation proposals marked with an * are under review by Jeremy Davis, Acting Chief Clerk (  All new annexation requests will be reviewed by staff at TRPC.

*City of Lacey Gateway Division II Annexation

The City of Lacey has submitted a Notice of Intention for Annexation with the Thurston County Boundary Review Board to annex two parcels totaling approximately 73.77 acres in the City of Lacey Urban Growth Area known as the Gateway Division II Subdivision. The properties are generally located 640 feet northwest of roundabout at Callison Road NE and Gateway Blvd NE. The City of Lacey is proposing to annex the property as an unincorporated island of territory under RCW 35A.14.295.

The Notice of Intention was determined to be complete and filed on November 13, 2017.

On December 18, 2017, SSHI, dba DR Horton (DR Horton) submitted a Petition for Review (PFR) to invoke review by the Boundary Review Board, and an amended petition on December 19, 2017.

Review may be requested by owners of property consisting of five (5) percent of the assessed valuation within such area under state law (RCW 36.93.100(3)(b)). SSHI, dba DR Horton et al owns 73.77 acres of the 80.43 acre annexation area. This represents a 2017-18 assessed valuation of $6,228,400 of an overall 2017-18 assessed valuation of $8,833,700, or 70.5% of the assessed valuation of the annexation area.

On December 27, 2017, Thurston County (County) submitted a PFR to invoke review by the Boundary Review Board. In summary, the County believes the proposed annexation would be unfairly burdensome to the County, and the annexation does not clarify the structure of local fees, notably impact fees for County road improvements.

Review may be requested by any governmental unit affected by the annexation (RCW 36.93.100(2). Requests for review may be submitted by multiple parties on the same annexation as allowed by state law.

A decision is due by April 18, 2018, or 40 calendar days after the final public hearing, whichever comes first (RCW 36.93.100 & 36.93.160). The Boundary Review Board has a maximum of 120 calendar days after the first PFR is submitted to hold a public hearing and render a decision (RCW 36.93.100). This may be extended with the agreement of the Boundary Review Board and the City.

The Washington State Boundary Review Board for Thurston County will hold a public hearing on Wednesday March 21, 2018 at 7:00 P.M. The Washington State Boundary Review Board will take action on this matter pursuant to RCW 36.93.150. Action may be taken at this meeting or a subsequent meeting, including approval, denial, or modification.

WHAT:      Boundary Review Board Public Hearing
                 City of Lacey Gateway II Annexation
WHEN:     7:00 P.M. March 21, 2018
WHERE:   Room 280, Building 1
                 Thurston County Courthouse
                 2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW 98502

Those wishing to testify should appear and be heard. If unable to attend, written comments should be sent by email or mail to the Washington State Boundary Review Board for Thurston County via the staff contact below by 5:00 P.M. March 21, 2018.

Persons with disabilities requiring reasonable accommodations at the hearing should call the Acting Chief Clerk at 360-867-2103. Persons with speech or hearing disabilities may call via Washington Relay: 711 or 800-833-6388.

Jeremy Davis
Acting Chief Clerk Boundary Review Board
Thurston County Courthouse, Building 1
2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW 98502
(360) 867-2103

NOTICE OF INTENTION: City of Lacey Gateway Division II Annexation