Federal Funding Call for Projects


Background Information

TRPC is an important partner in the transportation planning process. As a council of governments comprised of elected officials from cities, the county, tribes, Intercity Transit, school districts, colleges, and a variety of local government special purpose districts, TRPC offers broad representation to decision making on regional transportation priorities.

In its role as a federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization and a state designated Regional Transportation Planning Organization, TRPC endeavors to make its Regional Transportation Plan as inclusive and forward thinking as possible. To assist the region in fulfilling its long-range transportation planning goals in both the urban and rural areas of Thurston County, TRPC has authority to program discretionary federal funds to transportation projects, programs and services that serve local communities.

Executing a call for projects is part of TRPC’s continuous, coordinated, and comprehensive approach to regional transportation planning.

Funding Programs

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Application Materials

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Process Schedule

The 2020-2022 Call for Projects process is complete. No call for projects is scheduled at this time.

Staff Contact Information

General questions about the process may be directed to Paul Brewster by phone at 360-741-2526 or by email at brewstp@trpc.org.