Yelm-Tenino Trail Feasibility Study

photo of Yelm-Tenino Trail Trailhead sign

The Thurston County Yelm-Tenino Trail (YTT) trail corridor currently extends from the City of Yelm (Yelm) to Tenino. The trail is part of a regional network of multi-use trails that connect the cities of Yelm, Rainier, and Tenino to Lacey, Olympia, and points beyond. The regional network offers people the option to satisfy their travel needs by walking, bicycling, and other non-motorized means away from cars and trucks.

The objective of this planning study is to work with stakeholders and potentially affected interests to evaluate and identify one or more preferred alignments to extend the YTT from its current terminus in Tenino in two directions (see map):

  1. South to Bucoda; and 
  2. West to Tenino’s city limits

The effort will result in a report that summarizes the study’s findings on the possible alignments, existing environmental conditions, right-of-way, traffic conditions, and proposes cost-effective strategies to construct the proposed extensions of the trail. 

This project will lay the basic groundwork for future phases including a finance strategy, design and engineering, right-of-way acquisition, and phased construction of the YTT extensions. A desirable, but secondary objective is to identify opportunities to connect the Thurston Regional Trails network to trails in Lewis County. 

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