Walking is a great way to get from here to there in your community. Not only is walking a reliable mode of transportation, it’s also great exercise. Use the resources on this page to help you to find a way to work walking into your routine.

Walking Maps
Maps aren't just for roads and cars. If you are unsure of the best walking route to get where you want to go, check out these resources!


Did you know that children should exercise at least 60 minutes a day? Walking or biking to school is an excellent way to help meet this requirement. The following maps show suggested walking routes to the schools that provide space to walk, have the least amount of traffic and the lowest speeds.

North Thurston Public Schools

Olympia School District

Rainier School District

Tenino School District

Tumwater School District

Yelm Community Schools


Make sure your children understand these important traffic safety tips.

walking to school

Walking Resources

  • Feet First is an advocacy organization promoting walkable communities. 
  • Undriving is a nonprofit organization that promotes active transportation choices. 
  • Every Body Walk! is an educational site aimed at getting Americans up and moving.