Travel by Air or by Rail

The next time you are planning a trip outside of Thurston County, consider taking the train. It’s less stressful, affordable, and it might just make your commute fun again!

Local Rail Options
Amtrak Cascades travels to 18 cities on the I-5 Corridor including Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, BC, Canada or Eugene, OR. In late 2017, there will be twelve Amtrak Cascades trains every day serving the Olympia/Lacey station.   

Travel by Air
When booking a flight, you can choose more than just which airport to fly out of. You also have choices in how you get from home to the airport. Choices that do not involve begging friends and family!


Getting There

Intercity Transit can help you travel to SeaTac Airport as well as your local Amtrak Centennial Station. Use the maps below as starting points for traveling by bus to those two destinations. If riding the bus isn’t an option for you, don’t forget about your shuttle, carpool, and taxi options.

Intercity Transit

Shuttle Services