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Walking & Recreation

Walking is a great way to get from here to there in your community. Not only is walking a reliable mode of transportation, it’s also great exercise. Want to go off the beaten path? Or maybe to a nearby park with the grandkids? Thurston County has many parks and trails to explore for all ages and activities!

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Parks & Recreation Map

Search this interactive map for your specific recreation amenities. Find a variety of low cost options to get you moving in Thurston County.

WALKING Resources

  • Feet First is an advocacy organization promoting walkable communities. 
  • Undriving is a nonprofit organization that promotes active transportation choices. 
  • Every Body Walk! is an educational site aimed at getting Americans up and moving.
Two children swinging together on a tire swing at a playground.


Washington Trails Association Find an array of information on the hiking opportunities available in our state. 

Capital Forest

Capitol State Forest This popular recreation destination draws an estimated 800,000 visitors each year for a variety of uses. This privately owned website provides tips on trail etiquette, trail maps, volunteer opportunities and more.

Friends of Capitol Forest This non-profit organization coordinates rides, trail work parties, and other events.