Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, composed of an elected official and staff representative of each jurisdiction, will meet about monthly and coordinate the project. The Steering Committee’s other key tasks include selecting the Consultant Team and guiding its work, as well as selecting the Stakeholder Committee.

Thurston CountyChris HawkinsStaff
Thurston CountyGary EdwardsPolicymaker
Thurston CountyTye MenserPolicymaker Alternate
OlympiaRich HoeyStaff
OlympiaSusan ClarkStaff Alternate
OlympiaNathaniel JonesPolicymaker Co-lead
OlympiaLisa ParshleyPolicymaker Co-lead
LaceyJessica BrandtStaff
LaceyRick WalkStaff Alternate
LaceyCynthia PrattPolicymaker
LaceyCarolyn CoxPolicymaker Alternate
TumwaterBrad MedrudStaff
TumwaterDavid GintherStaff Alternate
TumwaterTom OlivaPolicymaker
TumwaterPete KmetPolicymaker Alternate

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