Adopted July 2016

The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) serves as a strategic blueprint for the region’s transportation system. It provides an overall analysis of how transportation will work in the region over a 20-25 year time frame and supports coordination among jurisdictions. It also acts as an important tool in meeting state and federal transportation requirements, ensuring continued funding from these sources.

Identifying Projects

The RTP identifies those projects and issues that change the way traffic flows throughout the region, complementing the local planning that makes the roadway network function within each jurisdiction. 

This plan addresses the diversity of our region – rural communities, city centers, and outlying suburban neighborhoods. Each has differing issues and priorities as well as common needs and objectives.


On November 3, 2017, the Thurston Regional Planning Council took action to amend the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan. The amendments reflect changes to the Metropolitan Planning Area Boundary (Adopted by Council June 2, 2017) and the addition of safety targets and a safety information page. See Appendix R, pages 479-485 for more details on the amendments and Council actions.

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