Thurston Regional Planning Council
Friday, March 5, 2022 - 8:30-11:00 a.m.
Zoom Teleconference Meeting

In order to comply with the Governor’s guidance to “Stay Home and Stay Healthy” and in keeping with the Proclamation by the Governor Amending Proclamation 20-05 Open Public Meetings Act and Public Records Act issued on March 24th 2020,  participation in the TRPC meeting will be through remote access only.

Watch the meeting live on Facebook:

A link to the meeting will be sent to Council members and staff in advance of the meeting. Members of the public wishing to receive a link to the meeting should email




Call to Order




Approval of Agenda


Consent Calendar


Public Comment Period

Public comment for this meeting will be accepted in written and oral format. 
  • The deadline for submitting written public comments or registering for oral public comment at the meeting is noon (12:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time) the day preceding the meeting, March 4, 2021.
  • For written public comment, please provide:  1) your name and address, and 2) your comments, and send them to Written comments received by the deadline will be provided to the Council prior to the meeting. 
  • To register for oral public comment, send an email to with your full name and topic of public comment. You will be sent a link to the meeting. The Chair may limit oral public comment to three minutes or less, depending on the meeting agenda and number of people wishing to comment.

Report from Outside Committee Assignments


Executive Director's Report


Member Check In



Thurston Regional Planning Council ensures full compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by prohibiting discrimination against any person based on race, color, national origin, or sex in the provision of benefits and services resulting from its federally assisted programs and activities. For questions regarding TRPC's Title VI Program, you may contact the Title VI Coordinator at 360.956.7575 or email

If you need special accommodations to participate in this meeting, please call us at 360.956.7575 by 10:00 a.m. three days prior to the meeting. Ask for the ADA Coordinator. For TDD users, please use the state’s toll-free relay service, 711 and ask the operator to dial 360.956.7575.

TRPC's mission is to “Provide Visionary Leadership on Regional Plans, Policies, and Issues.”

To Support this Mission:
  1. Support regional transportation planning consistent with state and federal funding requirements.
  2. Address growth management, environmental quality, economic opportunity, and other topics determined by the Council.
  3. Assemble and analyze data that support local and regional decision making
  4. Act as a “convener”, build regional consensus on issues through information and citizen involvement.
  5. Build intergovernmental consensus on regional plans, policies, and issues, and advocate local implementation.


Show up 
  • Nothing happens without consistent good attendance by all members. 
  • Make sure you have a designated alternate.
Be prepared
  • Members who are unprepared can’t contribute the best input. 
  • Make sure your alternate is prepared if you have to miss a meeting.
  • Share your ideas. 
  • Engagement by all members is required for productive discussions.
Be respectful 
  • Create a safe place to ask questions and express views.
  • Diversity is one of TRPC’s strengths.  
Report back
  • We each represent somebody who thought it wise to spend money to join TRPC.
  • Report back to your jurisdiction, organization or community.
Feel good
  • TRPC is an effective organization that allows us to address regional issues in a productive way. 
  • Take time to recognize and celebrate our successes.