Martin Way Corridor – Market Study & Feasibility Analysis

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Martin Way Corridor Study – Market Study and Feasibility Analysis

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE Thurston Regional Planning Council (TRPC) is seeking a qualified consultant to assist with a market study, feasibility analysis, and development of a visual preference survey for the Martin Way Corridor in Olympia and Lacey, WA. 

This work is funded by a Surface Transportation Program grant from the Federal Highway Administration.

TRPC will be the lead agency in administering this RFQ and associated work.  

Application Process

Interested firms may respond with a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) to be considered for the contract.  To receive a copy of the RFQ, contact:

Veena Tabbutt, Deputy Director
Thurston Regional Planning Council
2411 Chandler Court SW
Olympia, WA 98502
Phone: (360) 741-2550

Or visit the TRPC website,

Interested parties must submit an electronic copy in PDF format by Wednesday, November 18, 2020, 4:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

RFQ Questions & Answers

Q1. The project overview seems to indicate that the overall effort will include consideration of the character of the area and how land use and transportation will fit together.  So we are thinking that some urban design expertise may be useful, at least to help advise on the design character of individual developments and how the different segments might build individual identities, etc.  Is this a valid assumption?

The selection team will be using the criteria in the RFQ to select firms for interviews. That said, yes, the Martin Way Corridor is one of our primary urban corridors, and the character of development is important. 

Q2. In analyzing the feasibility of the 4 to 6 sites, we suggest that the analysis can be based on simple plans and sections that will be needed to estimate the amount of space achieved and construction quantities.  Once, the analysis is done then “conceptual visualizations” (3-D visualizations) can be prepared for the most feasible and desirable examples.  Does this make sense?

We are open to all approaches for this task.

Q3. It sounds like TRPC will conduct the visual preference survey.  Will you want images for the evaluation or assistance with the remote technology?  We have had success with remote vps sessions lately.  

Yes, we’ll want assistance developing and/or administering the visual preference survey.

Q4. If we include a cover letter, will that be counted in the 12-page limit noted in the RFQ? Or would a cover letter be excluded from the page count?

You may include a cover letter outside of the 12-page count, but it will not be considered as part of the criteria for interview selection.

Q5. Are we allowed to include full-page resumes in an appendix and not have it count towards the 6-page max?

No. We would like all the materials to be within the page limit.

Q6. What past plans and deliverables have been completed that we should review? 

None of the deliverables have been completed at this time.  The project page is 

Past plans relating to Thurston County’s urban corridors and centers can be found on this page: Some relate to the Martin Way corridor, and can provide some useful information on the corridor, however review of them is not necessary.

Q7. Is there a vision statement or set of goals for the corridor that have been adopted? 

Not yet.

Q8. Is there an advisory committee? 

Yes, and steering committee consisting of staff from the various partners has been established and meets regularly.

Q9.  Who will provide feedback on deliverables, for example on the market analysis and conceptual visualizations?

Staff from TRPC and the steering committee.

Q10. The RFP indicates that the Market Study and Feasibility Analysis will take approximately one year. How does the timing align with the other (Transportation) study? Could the Market and Feasibility work be done in a shorter timeline? 

We will do our best to align the various pieces of the project. The two consultant tasks are not dependent on each other. While the overall timeframe for the work under this RFP will be about a year, we anticipate having the Market Study and Feasibility Analysis completed early in that period, with the visualizations and final findings tracking public outreach and engagement activities.  The precise timing has not yet been established, and we are open to timeline suggestions. 

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