Household Income by Race/Ethnicity

Data Table


Household incomes in Thurston County are generally lower for people of color (those identifying as Hispanic, Latino, or a race other than white). Over the 2017-2021 time period, 22% of households where the householder is a person of color earned less than $35,000 per year compared to 18% for white householders.

Median household income also differs by race or ethnicity of the householder. Median household income was $83,000 for white, non-Hispanic householders compared to $81,000 for all households.


Householder refers to the person (or one of the people) in whose name the housing unit is owned or rented (maintained) or, if there is no such person, any adult member, excluding roomers, boarders, or paid employees. If the house is owned or rented jointly by a married couple, the householder may be either spouse.

Households are diverse; the racial or ethnic identity of a household’s members may not match that of the householder.


U.S. Census Bureau: American Community Survey